Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's play a Game

So I was inspired by This drop and drag picture True Blood game on tumblr. It had flashing pictures you had to drag down to reveal your lover, your best friend, your enemy, your hang out spot, your species, and how you died. Every week I am going to come up with a list just like this. Best friend, enemy, hang out spot, species, and how you died. With that information I want you to come up with a short story of 1,000 words no more and no less. The information is ABOUT YOU. Which means you're a character in your favorite fictional world. Once you're done upload it (as we'll never post fan fiction on this site in respects to CH and this game is in theory FF) to your wordpress, livejorunal or fan page. If we like your story we'll post our favorite's links on our twitter or tumblr (not on the main site directly). Now for this week's.

Species: Fairy
Lover: Sam Merlotte
best friend: Jason Stackhouse
Hang out spot: Ironically Fangtasia
Enemy: Pamela Sywmford DeBeaufort (Or Ravenscroft depending on what version of the story you use)
How you died: Accidental draining

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